What is InLighten?

Lectionary-based, original short films for use in worship, Sunday school, Bible study & classrooms.

InLighten Films is a subscription-based service that releases original, scripture-based short films weekly based on the lectionary calendar. Produced by a group of award-winning filmmakers, InLighten Films delivers original three-to-four minute short films each week to inspire and engage your congregation. Every short film is based on a Bible passage, the lectionary reading, or a theme of the Christian faith. Using keywords, you can search the entire film catalogue for Christian themes of love, forgiveness, sorrow, healing, faith, prayer, and more.
The diverse content of the films (current or historic, poignant or humorous, local or international) provides a valuable resource for ministers, teachers, counselors, and facilitators engaged in the work of the Church. The films may be streamed online or downloaded and shown during worship, Sunday school, bible studies, youth gatherings or mid-week fellowship. InLighten Films offers theater-quality content that is available only to active subscribers.


Every film we produce is original, with new releases premiering weekly.


Our cinematic quality is a significant upgrade from typical Christian film content.

Award-Winning Filmmakers

Written and directed by award-winning professionals.


Broad diversity of topics, settings, characters, and style.

Praise for InLighten Films

Reverend Dr. William Willimon, Professor at Duke Divinity School, former Bishop of the United Methodist Church

"These stories become ways that open up realities that might be otherwise inaccessible to us."

Rev. Dr. William Willimon

Professor at Duke Divinity School, Bishop of the United Methodist Church

"[Film] becomes part of the imagination of that community. That can be really helpful in forming a community's values, and the way that they're going to be together that lives beyond that moment of experiencing a film."

Jessica Tate

Director, NEXT Church

"These films are perfectly matched to the lectionary and ready-made for that sort of benefit to a congregation."

Dr. Thomas Long

Bandy Professor Emeritus of Preaching, Emory's Cander School of Theology

"People have been making films about the Bible since people have been making films… Don't do bathrobes and sandals and candles. We've seen them; we've been there. It's canned and it's boring. You can put the Bible in a modern context."

Dr. Amy-Jill Levine

University Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity, Vanderbilt University Divinity School

"These short stories touch the heart and will challenge those who view them to look for opportunities to live out Christ’s love in the encounters of everyday life. More is impacted in each of these episodes than in most sermons. They will help the viewers to read the scripture in the Revised Common Lectionary with enlightened perspectives."

Rev. Dr. Tony Campolo

Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Eastern University

The Founder’s Inspiration

The idea for InLighten Films originated with filmmaker Scott Galloway.  A storyteller at heart, Scott’s upbringing as a ‘pastor’s kid’ was similar to many others in his situation...a mixed bag of conformity and mischief along the journey of identifying his own personal faith.

Scott has worked in the entertainment industry for 30 years, writing and directing feature and short films, producing more than 800 television shows for 16 networks and creating an international film festival that celebrates film shorts.

Scott has directly observed the challenges pastors face in preparing to preach and connecting with parishioners from the pulpit. InLighten Films is Scott’s way of introducing ‘Bible-based Short Films’ into the worship experience to visually complement a Pastor-Teacher’s explanation, interpretation, and application of Scripture.


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