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Our Mission

Jesus taught through parables; powerful, relevant, real-life stories.

Following His example, InLighten Films offers modern-day parables; 4-5 minute Scripture-based films.

We connect the authentic and important truths of ancient Scripture with the authentic and messy here and now through original, theatre-quality productions that are captivating and relatable to today’s believer. 

We empower ministers, Christian educators, and anyone diving into Bible to teach or study the lessons of Jesus through accessible, modern stories that offer an explanation, interpretation, and real-world application of Scripture.

And though films may stand alone, their true value lies in scripture. We always recommend biblical texts be read before or after films are screened as well as discussion questions that allow church leaders to expand and expound upon the story and its Scripture connection.

We’ve crafted stories with characters and situations that are relatable, and our hope is that in the relatable, there’s a clearer path to understanding. These are not biblical recreations or a  ‘fresh spin’ on Christian films you’ve seen in the past. They’re present-day stories that offer a window to Scripture.

As we meet God through Scripture, we are filled with his Spirit. As we follow his Spirit’s leading, we become agents of transformation in this broken world. And in this process, we are transformed too.